Why 'Dusty Barrel' Distillery?

Our story began earlier but during the setting up of the business, I would often drag the family around to visit other distilleries and during one of these trips, my daughter, who was three at the time, leant on a dusty barrel and uttered those words. This then became our name for the business – Dusty Barrel Distillery was born!

Rekindling The Love...

Years passed.  I got married and we had a little one in tow, when we went on a trip to a place called Mendooran, in Regional NSW. We stayed the night at the local camp site where I was reading about the whiskey industry in Australia. I decided to look up distilleries in the areas we were going to camp at, and to my surprise, found that Black Gate Distillery was in Mendooran.

I phoned the number on the gate and Brian, from Black Gate Distillery, welcomed us in. Spending the day with Brian and learning about whiskey rekindled my love of distilling and spirits. Looking at Brian’s operation, I knew this was what I wanted to do and the investigation began…

Two years from that day, we have set up a business, with a still being made and a new shed on my farm under way.

Our Story Begins...

Years ago, travelling through Europe, I went to visit a few schnapps distilleries and found the process fascinating. Whilst whiskey was my preferred choice, I found a greater appreciation of other spirits. Opportunity arose whilst on one tour to work at the distillery and learn the process. It was an amazing week of my life. My rolling thoughts were: “how do I possibly do this back home?” and that thought always stayed in the back of my mind after coming home.

See What We've Been Up To Lately...

Our family wants to share our story and our love of whiskey and schnapps with our friends, family and community. We want to showcase what we can produce from local fruit growers and grain suppliers and have a true local spirit that beats the best in the world!

Rice wine
Stripping run today, smells like dumplings in the shed. Looking forward already for a final run in a few weeks. 
#ricewhiskey #dustybarreldistilleryA day of cleaning the still and equipment ready for the next round. Walk out of the distillery to this beautifull sight.
#moonshine #dustybarreldistillery #whisky #distillerslifeWhen our specialty grains arrived the smell was devine. After mashing in and ferment the flavours carried through. Distilling on final run the oils and character carried through into our final product.
Thank you Voyager Craft Malts for a brilliant product.
#dustybarreldistillery #whisky #voyagercraftmaltLoaded our low wines and now ready for final spirit run tomorrow. Slow and steady and final spirit laid to rest in a supercask.. exciting times
#distillerslife #dustybarreldistillery  #whisky3rd strip run coming to an end. Moonlight gas burners smell of malt in the air.

Couldnt think of a better way to spend saturday night.
#distillerslife #dustybarreldistillery #whiskyLove watching the spirit come off the still.

Looking forward to the final spirit run next saturday for this batch. A special super cask and our spirit to make some beautiful whisky.
#distillerslife #dustybarreldistillery #whisky-3 degc start this morning
Time to get the still fired upCleaning distillery floor, sanitizing equipment and preppering for another strip run tommorrow early morning start.
Working two jobs and building a dream.
#whiskylifeIn memory
John Allan WW 2 ANZAC 
Lest we forget
To all those who served our nation, thank you
#dustybarreldistilleryThe malt smell is beautiful, finals checks before adding the yeast. Tasted like like sugar bread. Can not wait to distill this batch

#dustybarreldistillery #whisky #darkmaltmagicSitting by a small water fall enjoying the day. Relaxing with friends in Victorian bush near Euroa.
#dustybarreldistillery #gin #whiskey #schnapps #auzoWe love where we live and try to capture our environment is our products.
Relaxed, simple and refreshing so take the journey with us.
#dustybarreldistillery #gin #whiskey #whisky #schnapps #vodka #auzoOur malt has arrived. Thanks to the Stu and Team at Voyager Craft Malt.

Look forward building this mash bill and getting the founders bottle and cask underway.

#whiskey #whisky #gin #vodka #schnappsIn the wilds of Queensland, a rare sighting of Dusty Barrel Gin.😀

Great to see our gin is being enjoyed.

#dustybarreldistillery #gin #whisky #auzo  #schnappsMeet Bart (bbaaaarrt) our new ram on the farm.
Big Barry will stay around the distillery/house and keep up secuirty.

#dustybarreldistillery #newram #grain feed #gin #auzo #vodka #whiskyCellarbrations Monbulk are stocking our gin. Drop by and grab yourself a bottle.

#cellarbrationsmonbulk #dustybarreldistillery #gin #auzo #whisky #schnapps